Упражнение 3




1) Who is __THAT__ boy?

2) Why are __THOSE__ books on the table?

3) Can you give me __THAT__ pen?

4) What is the name of __THAT__ song?

5) I can’t read __THAT__ sign. What does it say?

6) What are __THOSE__? They are jelly beans.

7) Where do __THOSE__ children live?

8) Where did you buy __THOSE__ shoes?

9) What is __THAT__?

10) Whose pencils are __THOSE__?

11) How much does __THAT__ book cost?

12) Who do ___THOSE__ trainers belong to?

13) Are __THOSE__ birds singing?

14) Is __THAT__ our new teacher?

15) Are __THOSE__ your glasses?

16) Did you like __THAT__ film?

17) Whose schoolbag is __THAT__?

18) How often do __THOSE__ boys skateboard in the park?

19) What are __THOSE__ people doing?

20) What country is __THAT__ woman from?

21) Can you hear what __THOSE__ men are saying?

22) Are __THOSE__ the only trousers you have?

23) Are __THOSE__ flowers for your mum?

24) Where did you take __THAT__ picture?

25) Is it possible to remember all __THOSE__ words?