Упражнение 1




1) THAT is my dog. Look! It is chasing a cat.

2) THAT is my cousin and THOSE are my friends.

3) Are THESE your trousers? Yes, they are mine.

4) “Hello Katya!  THIS is Sasha.” “Hello Sasha, nice to meet you.”

5) “Are THOSE your socks?” “No, THOSE aren’t mine. My socks are in my wardrobe.”

6) THOSE aren’t my books. My books are in my school bag.

7) THAT is my car, under the tree.  The other one is my father’s car.

8) Who left THIS towel on the bathroom floor? Is it yours?

9) THIS is my favourite dress. I want to wear it to the party tonight.

10) “Is THIS  your book?” “No, it isn’t. My book is on the table over there.”

11) THIS is my cat Fluffy and THESE are her kittens.

12) Is THAT your bicycle over there, near the tree?

13) THOSE are my classmates in the sports hall. They are waiting for the PE teacher.

14) Do you like THESE flowers better than THOSE flowers?

15) What is the name of THIS song? I never heard it before.

16) THIS is my pencil case, and THESE are my pencils.

17) THAT clock on the wall never works. It’s always broken.

18) THESE coins are very old. Do you think they are valuable?

19) THOSE dogs in my neighbour’s yard bark a lot. They keep me awake all night.

20) I like THESE sweets better than THOSE chocolates over there.

21) Maxim, is THAT you book on the table?

22) I don’t know who THAT boy is. He must be new to the school.

23) I found THIS puppy on the street. Can I keep it?

24) What is THIS and what are THESE?

25) Can you give THESE pens to THOSE girls over there?