упражнение 5



1) How many __BOOKS__ (book) did you read last year?

2) I went to the doctor three __DAYS__ (day) ago.

3) The store sold many different __RADIOS__ (radio).

4) After dinner, I always wash the __DISHES__ (dish).

5) How many __CITIES__ (city) have you visited in America?

6) There were many __HEROES__ (hero) in the war.

7) Are __WOLVES__ (wolf) dangerous animals?

8) Polina bought three pairs of __SHOES__ (shoe) on Saturday.

9) There are five new __HOUSES__ (house) in my neighbourhood.

10) How many __BOYS__ (boy) are in your class?

11) I saw many __KANGAROOS__ (kangaroo) at the zoo.

12) Lyudmila had three __QUIZZES__ (quiz) in school yesterday.

13) How many __COUNTRIES__ (country) have you visited?

14) There are six __PEACHES__ (peach) in the bowl.

15) A spider has eight __EYES__ (eye).

16) There are the __SHELVES__ (shelf) for books in my bedroom.

17) How many __PHOTOS__ (photo) did you take at the party?

18) The genie gave Aladdin three __WISHES__ (wish).

19) How many __CATS__ (cat) does your grandma have?

20) I left my __KEYS__ (key) at school.

21) Did you watch the new __VIDEOS__ (video) on the computer?

22) I saw a cow with two __CALVES__ (calf).

23) Does your mum read you bedtime __STORIES__ (story)?

24) Yesterday, I saw a family of __FOXES__ (fox) in the forest.

25) How many __PEOPLE__ (person) came to your party?