Упражнение 4




1) My mother bought three __FISH__ (fish) at the market today.

2) How many __CHILDREN__ (child) are in your class at school this year?

3) We have two forks, but we need two __KNIVES__ (knife) for the dinner table.

4) I love autumn, when the __LEAVES__ (leaf) turn yellow, orange and red.

5) Many __DEER__ (deer) live in the forest near my grandparents.

6) Every morning I brush my __TEETH__ (tooth) after breakfast.

7) What is the population of Russia? How many __PEOPLE__ (person) live there?

8) Why do cats like to catch __MICE__ (mouse)?

9) I need to sit down. My __FEET__ (foot) are hurting.

10)There are three __MEN__ (man) waiting in the queue at the bank.

11) Husbands usually give their __WIVES__ (wife) a gift for the March 8th holiday.

12) Should I buy some __ORANGES__ (orange) at the greengrocer?

13) My uncle has a farm with lots of __SHEEP__ (sheep).

14) Do you know those __WOMEN__ (woman) over there?

15) I like to eat __APPLES__ (apple). They are good for your health.

16) There were ten __BABIES__ (baby) in the clinic today.

17) How many __TOMATOES__ (tomato) are there in the salad?

18) At the store today, I bought three __BOXES__ (box) of breakfast cereal.

19) There are many beautiful __BUTTERFLIES__ (butterfly) in the park today.

20) I have bought a lot of new __DRESSES__ (dress) for school.

21) Look at those __BUSES__ (bus). They are full of children going to camp.

22) These __CHERRIES__ (cherry) from the dacha are very sweet.

23) There are three __BOOKS__ (book) in my school bag.

24) How many __POTATOES__ (potato) should I cook for dinner tonight?

25) The __MONKEYS__ (monkey) in the zoo are very funny.