Упражнение 3




1) Ksenia goes to __(-)__ bed late when she has __AN__ exam the next day.

2) David always has __(-)__ breakfast in __THE__ kitchen.

3) __(-)__ cats love to chase __(-)__ mice.

4) My grandma and grandpa go to __(-)__ church on __(-)__ Sunday.

5) My father goes to __(-)__ work while my mum stays at __(-)__ home.

6) __THE__ children go to __THE__ school over there.

7) __(-)__ dogs are not allowed in __THE__ park.

8) __THE__ Amazon flows from __THE__ Andes to __THE__ Atlantic ocean.

9) __THE__ Queen lives in __(-)__ Buckingham Palace.

10) Mary wants to learn __(-)___ Italian before she goes to __(-)__ Rome.

11) __THE__ Ural Mountains is the border between __(-)__ Europe and __(-)__ Asia.

12) I want to go camping near __(-)__ Lake Baikal.

13) __(-)__ Sochi is located near __THE__ Russian border.

14) Let’s go to __(-)__ Ireland.

15) __THE__ Nile is __THE__ longest river in __THE__ world.

16) __THE__ Sahara is __THE__ world’s biggest desert.

17) I spoke with __THE__ American film star that I told you about.

18) Do you speak __(-)__ Russian?

19) I need __A__ bottle of water.

20) __(-)__ Russia is __THE__ largest country in __THE__ world.

21) Can you play __A__ musical instrument? I can play __THE__ violin.

22) New Year’s is __THE__ best holiday of __THE__ year.

23) I have three dogs. My favorite is __THE__ black one.

24) Andrei just bought __A__ new car. __THE__ car is __A__ Mercedes.

25) I’m going to __THE__ living room to watch __(-)__ TV.