Упражнение 2




1) Tom took __AN__ umbrella because it was raining.

2) This is __AN__ easy question.

3) Stephen, could you speak __A__ little louder?

4) May I have your __(-)__ phone number?

5) I have never seen __A__ UFO.

6) May I ask you __A__ question?

7) Mr. Jones is __THE__ best teacher in our school.

8) What is __THE__ name of the next metro station?

9) I went to __THE__ Black Sea during my summer holiday.

10) Is there __A__ cash machine near here?

11) I moved to __THE__ USA when I was 15 years old.

12) I can spell as well as __(-)__ most students.

13) He is __THE__ most intelligent person I know.

14) Hurry up. We don’t have __A__ lot of time.

15) I have __AN__ idea!

16) The US President lives in __THE__ White House.

17) My parents live in __A__ white house.

18) Paris is __THE__ capital of France. I’d like to visit it one day.

19) Boris is the only boy at school who can speak __(-)__ Chinese.

20) Alicia loves walking in __THE__ rain. She likes rainy days rather than sunny ones.

21) Artyom is listening to __THE__ news on __THE__ radio. He looks worried.

22) Stella drove __THE__ children to __THE__ cinema on Saturday.

23) It’s very hot today. __THE__ sun is very bright.

24) Next week, I’m going to fly to __(-)__ Moscow.

25) Yesterday Yulia and Lera went to __THE__ zoo.