Упражнение 1




1) I bought __A__ new pair of shoes.

2) I saw __A__ movie last night.

3) They are staying at __AN__ old hotel.

4) He does not like __(-)__ basketball.

5) Lena is __THE__ girl I told you about.

6) John traveled to __(-)__ England last year.

7) Michael is __AN__ American.

8) Ivan watched __AN__ amazing movie yesterday.

9) My brother doesn’t eat __(-)__ meat. He is __A__ vegetarian.

10) My family lives in __A__ flat.  __THE__ flat is new.

11) I would like __A__ piece of cake.

12) My girlfriend and I ate at __AN__ Italian restaurant yesterday.

13) Sara can play __THE__ guitar.

14) Robert and Jessica went to __A__ party last night.

15) Grigory is one of __THE__ funniest people I know.

16) I recommend you try __THE__ mushroom soup at this restaurant.

17) I can’t believe I failed __THE__ exam yesterday!

18) Do you have __A__ dictionary that I can borrow?

19) There were many dogs in the park. One dog was __A__ poodle.

20) Do you know that __(-)__ pandas and __(-)__ tigers are endangered animals?

21) Marina is wearing __A__ blue dress with __(-)__ red shoes today.

22.) New Year’s comes once __A__ year.

23) In America, people celebrate __(-)__ Thanksgiving in November.

24) The Volga is __A__ river in Russia.

25) Evgenia has gone to the shop to buy __(-)__ bread.