Упражнение 4




1) Olga and Tanya __DON’T__   __EAT__ (not/eat) lunch together every day.

2) My parents never __READ__ (read) the newspaper.

3) I __DON’T__  __READ__ (not/read) detective stories. They are not interesting.

4) Where __DO__ you _WANT__ (want) to go next weekend?

5) We always __WASH__ (wash) our hands before a meal.

6) Ivan __DOESN’T__   __DRIVE__ (not/drive) a bus.

7) My sister __COOKS__ (cook) all our meals.

8) __DOES__ the teacher __GIVE__ (give) you lots of homework?

9) The train __DOESN’T__   __LEAVE__ (not/leave) at 6 p.m.

10) You __LIVE__ (live) in Canada.

11) My father and I __DON’T__   __COME__ (not/come) back home late.

12) Kirill’s father __DRINKS__ (drink) a lot of coffee.

13) They __DON’T__   __HAVE__ (not/have) dinner at two o´clock.

14) Svetlana usually __WATCHES__ (watch) TV in the evening.

15) __DO__ the children __PLAY__ (play) football after school? Yes, they __DO__.

16) You __DON’T__   __GET_UP__ (not/get) up at six o´clock every day.

17) Eva __TRIES__ (try) not to disturb her father when he’s sleeping.

18) My sister __DOESN’T__   __RUN__ (not/run) very fast.

19) __DOES__ Sergey (like) maths class? No, he __DOESN’T__.

20) We __DON’T__   __GO__ (not/go) to the park as often as we should.

21) Uncle Vasily __DOESN’T__   __WEAR__ (not/wear) glasses.

22) My mum __LIKES__ (like) classical music.

23) When __DO__ you __WANT__ (want) to meet tomorrow?

24) Julia __ENJOYS__ (enjoy) singing.

25) Alona __DOESN’T__   __TAKE__ (not/take) the bus to school every morning.