Упражнение 3




1) When __DOES__ Sasha __PLAY__ (play) the piano?

2) __DO__ the children __STUDY__ (study) geography?

3) What kind of music __DO__ you __LISTEN__ (listen) to?

4) When __DOES__ your brother __LISTEN__ (listen) to music?

5) __DOES__ Arina __DO__ (do) her homework in the evening?

6) What time __DO__ your parents __WATCH__ (watch) TV?

7) __DOES__ Vera __GO__ (go) to school by bus?

8) How much coffee __DOES__  your dad __DRINK__ (drink)?

9) __DOES__ Artem __HELP__ (help) his mum with the housework?

10) Where __DO__ the children __PLAY__ (play) football?

11) __DOES__ the dog __SLEEP__ (sleep) on your bed?

12) How much __DOES__ it __COST__ (cost) to fly to Australia?

13) How often __DO__ your grandparents __VISIT__ (visit) you?

14) __DOES__ a pilot __FLY__ (fly) an airplane?

15) What __DOES__ your father __DO__ (do)?

16) How often __DO__ your cousins __SEND__ (send) you emails?

17) How many sandwiches __DOES__ Vitaly __EAT__ (eat) for lunch?

18) __DOES__ your sister __WASH__ (wash) the dishes after lunch?

19) What time __DOES__ he __GET_UP__ (get up) at the weekends?

20) __DOES__ your father __SPEAK__ (speak) English very well?

21) When __DO__ the boys __HAVE__ (have) lunch in the canteen?

22) How often __DOES__ Sasha __BUY__ (buy) clothes online?

23) __DO__ Katya and Anna __KISS__ (kiss) their mother in the morning?

24) Where __DOES__ your friend Tanya __LIVE__ (live)?

25) Why __DOES__ he __LIKE__ (like) playing computer games?