Упражнение 2




1) She __DOESN’T__   __GET_UP__ (get up) very early at the weekend.

2) Yegor and Alex __DON’T__   __KNOW__ (know) what to do.

3) Natalya __DOESN’T__   __LIKE__ (like) going shopping at the weekend.

4) My grandparents __DON’T__   __LIVE__ (live) in London.

5) George __DOESN’T__   __WORK__ (work) in a supermarket.

6) Sally and Tony __DON’T__   __SWIM__ (swim) very well.

7) You __DON’T__   __DO__ (do) your homework every day.

8) My mother __DOESN’T__   __USE__ (use) the computer a lot.

9) I __DON’T__   __LIKE__ (like) riding my bicycle in the rain.

10) My grandfather __DOESN’T__   __WORK__ (work). He is on pension.

11) The members of the chess club __DON’T__   __MEET__ (meet) every week.

12) Our neighbours __DON’T__   __GO__ (go) to the cinema very often.

13) My sister __DOESN’T__   __LIKE__ (like) doing the housework.

14) I __DON’T__ often __READ__ (read) books.

15) They __DON’T__   __WANT__ (want) to help their friends with the homework.

16) Ilya __DOESN’T__   __GO__ (go) to school every day.

17) I __DON’T__   __WATCH__ (watch) TV at eight o´clock every evening.

18) You __DON’T__   __PLAY__ (play) volleyball on Saturdays.

19) Pavel __DOESN’T__   __CLEAN__ (clean) his room on Sunday afternoons.

20) Billy and Tim __DON’T__   __ATTEND__ (attend) classes on Saturday.

21) Emily __DOESN’T__   __HAVE__ (have) breakfast every day at 7:00 am.

22) We __DON’T__   __PLAY__ (play) sports at the weekend.

23) Helen and I __DON’T__   __LIVE__ (live) in Moscow.

24) He__DOESN’T__   __WORK__ (work) in an office. He is a student at university.

25) Misha __DOESN’T__   __PLAY__ (play) the guitar in a rock and roll band.