Упражнение 1




1) I __PLAY__ (play) tennis after school.

2) You __START__ (start) school at nine o´clock.

3) She __HAS__ (have) lunch at school every day.

4) They __WATCH__ (watch) TV after dinner.

5) My friends and I __GO__ (go) to MOST Camp every summer.

6) He never __PLAYS__ (play) football.

7) Diana sometimes __GOES__ (go) to the cinema.

8) My mum often __STARTS__ (start) work at half past seven.

9) Nikolay occasionally __GETS__ (get) up at eight o´clock.

10) My sisters __WALK__ (walk) to school every day.

11) My best friend __LIKES__ (like) maths and biology.

12) My brothers and I __HAVE__ (have) breakfast at half past seven.

13) My cousin __STUDIES__ (study) history at university.

14) Dmitry always __GOES__ (go) to the cinema at the weekend.

15) I hardly ever __GO__ (go) shopping with my sister.

16) We sometimes __USE__ (use) a dictionary in class.

17) My friends __STUDY__ (study) Italian at their school.

18) School __FINISHES__ (finish) at three o´clock.

19) You __LIVE__ (live) near me.

20) He __LIKES__ (like) pop music.

21) My mum __WORKS__ (work) in a shop.

22) We __PLAY__ (play) tennis after school on Wednesday afternoons.

23) I always __WATCH__ (watch) TV on Sunday evenings..

24) My mother __TEACHES__ (teach) biology at school.

25) Andrei __PLAYS__ (play) computer games with his brother.