Упражнение 3




1) __DOES__  Robert like basketball?

2) __DO__ you go camping in the summer?

3) __DOES__  your father drive a truck?

4) What __DO__ you do at the weekend?

5) How often __DOES__ your sister help your mum in the kitchen?

6) __DOES__  your grandpa like singing?

7) __DO__ children have to study English at school?

8) __DOES__ Sveta want to eat an ice cream?

9) __DO__ your brothers like cooking?

10) How often __DO__  you visit your grandparents?

11) __DO__ I have any homework?

12) __DOES__ the cat like playing with the dog?

13) __DO__ your cousins live near you?

14) __DOES__ Daniel’s family go to their dacha at the weekends?

15) When __DOES__ Martin have breakfast in the morning?

16) __DO__ we need to buy milk at the store?

17) Where __DOES__ Bobby buy his clothes?

18) __DO__ Lena and Gregory want to make spaghetti?

19) How many toys __DOES__ your brother have?

20) __DO__ I have to go to school tomorrow?

21) Why __DOES__ your father want to go fishing on Saturday?

22) __DO__ we have to go shopping with mum?

23) What sound __DOES__ a frog make?

24) __DOES__ Albert know how to play the guitar?

25) What kind of pizza __DO__ you like?