Упражнение 2




1) I __DON’T__ like playing football.

2) James __DOESN’T__ like watching TV in the evening.

3) Diana __DOESN’T__ like getting up early at the weekend.

4) Liza and Olga __DON’T__ like waiting for the bus.

5) Sam __DOESN’T__ like to dance at parties.

6) My little kitten __DOESN’T__ like sleeping on the floor. It likes sleeping on my bed.

7) My sister __DOESN’T__ go shopping on Saturdays. She goes shopping on Sundays.

8) Mary __DOESN’T__ like doing housework.

9) We __DON’T__ go to school by bus. We walk to school every day.

10) Victoria __DOESN’T__ eat any hamburgers. She only eats healthy food.

11) Our teacher __DOESN’T__ shout at us. She is very kind.

12) My mother __DOESN’T__ cook dinner on Thursdays. We always get pizza from the caf?.

13) Andrew is eleven, but he __DOESN’T__ know how to ride a bicycle.

14) I __DON’T__ know how to play the piano, but I hope to learn soon.

15) A snake __DOESN’T__ have any legs.

16) My neighbours __DON’T__ travel very often. They like to stay at home.

17) If my classmates and I __DON’T__ do our homework, the teacher gets very angry.

18) My brothers __DON’T__ like playing football, but they like playing computer games.

19) My dad is a pilot. He __DOESN’T__ work in an office.

20) I __DON’T__ think it will snow tomorrow. It’s too warm.

21) My friend likes Spiderman, but I __DON’T__. I think Iron Man is the best superhero.

22) My uncle __DOESN’T__ believe in ghosts.

23) Maxim __DOESN’T__ have any brothers or sisters. He is an only child.

24) My sisters and I __DON’T__ see my grandparents very often. They live in Novosibirsk.

25) Andrew likes eating fruit, but he __DOESN’T__ like eating vegetables.