Упражнение 1




1) I __DO__ my homework every evening.

2) My classmates and I __DO__ difficult exercises in PE class.

3) The cosmonaut __DOES__ experiments in his spaceship.

4) She always __DOES__ well on her exams.

5) You __DO__ the shopping, and I will clean the house.

6) I have a new smartphone. It __DOES__ many different things.

7) I __DO__ sport at the weekends.

8) Lena and Alexandra __DO__ housework with their mum.

9) Pavel __DOES__ karate with his brother.

10) My grandma and I __DO__ the gardening together.

11) Tanya __DOES__ the maths homework very quickly.

12) You __DOES__ the dishes. I washed them yesterday.

13) I __DO__ well on my tests if I study.

14) We __DO__ puzzles with our grandma.

15) He __DOES__ his English homework in the afternoon.

16) I __DO__ my best at school when I eat my breakfast.

17) Ilya and Natalie __DO__ funny dances on TikTok.

18) She __DOES__ gymnastics with her team.

19) You __DO__ your homework, and then we will go to the cinema.

20) The clock __DOES__ work. It just needs new batteries.

21) George __DOES__ nothing interesting. He just plays computer games all day.

22) We help mum __DO__ the tidying up at the weekend.

23) My father __DOES__ most of his business on the internet.

24) She __DOES__ the laundry on Wednesday evenings.

25) I __DO__ some reading before I go to sleep in the evening.