Упражнение 5




1) Andrei __HASN’T__   __DONE__ (do) his homework yet. (-)

2) __HAVE__ you __LEFT__ (leave) your books at school again?

3) I __HAVE__   __KNOWN__ (know) my best friend for ten years. (+)

4) __HAS__ Misha __MET__ (meet) my sister before?

5) I __HAVEN’T__   __READ__ (read) all the Harry Potter books. (-)

6) __HAS__ Sofia __BOUGHT__ (buy) any clothes from that new shop?

7) Nikita __HAS__   __LIVED__ (live) in Samara for five years. (+)

8) Dasha __HAS__ never __BEEN__ (be) to St. Petersburg. (+)

9) Gleb is not here. He __HAS__   __GONE__ (go) to the store. (+)

10) __HAVE__ you ever __SOLD__ (sell) anything on Avito?

11) Olga __HASN’T__   __CALLED__ (call) me in over a week. (-)

12) Grigory __HASN’T__   __WATCHED__ (watch) TV for a long time. (-)

13) __HAVE__ you __TALKED__ (talk) to anyone about your problem?

14) __HAVE__ you __PLAYED__ (play) any good computer games lately?

15) Yegor __HASN’T__   __TIDIED__ (tidy) his room yet. (-)

16) __HAS__ Natasha __EATEN__ (eat) dinner yet?

17) Dad __HAS__ just __WASHED__ (wash) the dishes. (+)

18) Nikolai __HAS__ only __LOST__ (lose) one tennis match this year. (+)

19) __HAVE__ you ever __SPOKEN__ (speak) to an American?

20) Ilya __HASN’T__   __RIDEN__ (ride) a motorbike before. (-)

21) What is the longest you __HAVE__ ever __SLEPT__ (sleep)?

22) I __HAVE__   __WRITTEN__ (write) a poem for my girlfriend. (+)

23) __HAVE__ you ever __COOKED__ (cook) dinner for your family?

24) Veronika __HAS__ just __PAINTED__ (paint) her bedroom walls. (+)

25) __HAVE__ you __HEARD__ (hear) the latest news?