Упражнение 4




1) Ivan __HAS__   __RIDDEN__ (ride) a horse and an elephant. (+)

2) I __HAVEN’T__   ___FLOWN__ (fly) in a helicopter before. (-)

3) __HAVE__ you ever __GONE__ (go) on holiday to Cyprus?

4) Denis __HASN’T__   __SAID__ (say) a word all day. (-)

5) Margarita’s mum __HAS__   __WORKED__ (work) in that shop for five years. (+)

6) That boy __HASN’T__   __LIVED__ (live) in our neighbourhood very long. (-)

7) __HAVE__ you __TALKED__ (talk) to Liza lately?

8) Matvey __HAS__   __SENT__ (send) that email to five different people. (+)

9) I __HAVEN’T__   __HEARD__ (hear) from Tanya in a long time. (-)

10) Who __HAVE__ you __TOLD__ (tell) your secret to?

11) I __HAVEN’T__   __MET__ (meet) anyone new this week. (-)

12) __HAS__ dad __FOUND__ (find) his glasses yet?

13) I __HAVE__ finally __GOT__ (get) the package you sent me. (+)

14) __HAVE__ you __GIVEN__ (give) all your old toys to your brother?

15) Tanya __HASN’T__   __SPENT__ (spend) any money yet. (-)

16) Zhanna __HASN’T__   __TRIED__ (try) on her new dress. (-)

17) Andrei __HAS__   __DRUNK__ (drink) the last can of cola. (+)

18) __HAVE__ you __LEFT__ (leave) your books at school?

19) Olga __HASN’T__   __SUNG__ (sing) any songs recently. (-)

20) Evgeny __HAS__   __EATEN__ (eat) all the desserts. (+)

21) Maksim __HASN’T__   __PLAYED__ (play) his new guitar yet. (-)

22) __HAVE__ you __SEEN__ (see) the new class schedule?

23) Sofia __HASN’T__   __SPOKEN__ (speak) to Nadia for two days. (-)

24) I __HAVEN’T__   __SLEPT__ (sleep) well for the past three nights. (-)

25) __HAVE__ you ever __THROWN__ (throw) away anything by mistake?