Упражнение 2




1) The man __HASN’T__   __LEFT__ (leave) the shop yet.

2) Andrei __HASN’T__   __DONE__ (do) his homework.

3) No, I __HAVEN’T__   __VISITED__ (visit) Paris before.

4) Olga __HASN’T__   __READ__ (read) any books this month.

5) My family __HASN’T__   __DECIDED__ (decide) where to go on holiday this year.

6) Mum __HASN’T__   __TAKEN__ (take) many pictures with her new camera.

7) Galina __HASN’T__   __GONE__ (go) to the market. She is in the kitchen

8) The train from Sochi __HASN’T__   __ARRIVED__ (arrive) yet.

9) My father __HASN’T__   __DRIVEN__ (drive) to Astrakhan many times.

10) Valery __HASN’T__   __DECIDED__ (decide) where to go to university.

11) I __HAVEN’T__   __BEEN__ (be) to Milan before. What is it like?

12) Natalya __HASN’T__   __SEEN__ (see) this film before.

13) Nikolai __HASN’T__   __WON__ (win) a tennis match since June.

14) Mark __HASN’T__   __MET__ (meet) his new neighbours.

15) Marta __HASN’T__   __ANSWERED__ (answer) any the questions yet.

16) Alex __HASN’T__   __FORGOT__ (forget) his email password.

17) The choir __HASN’T__   __SUNG__ (sing) the song before.

18) Angelina __HASN’T__   __WORN__ (wear) her green dress before.

19) Dmitry __HASN’T__   __BROKEN__ (break) his leg.

20) Alicia __HASN’T__   __WALKED__ (walk) in the park this week.

21) You __HAVEN’T__   __CALLED__ (call) grandma yet. Please call her.

22) Liza and Anna __HAVEN’T__   __LIVED__ (live) in Samara since they were young.

23) Vlad __HASN’T__   __TAKEN__ (take) the exam yet.

24) I __HAVEN’T__   __WRITTEN__ (write) a letter for a long time.

25) The coach __HASN’T__   __SHOUTED__ (shout) at his players yet.