Упражнение 1




1) The train __HAS__   __LEFT__ (leave) the station.

2) Lyudmila __HAS__   __DONE__ (do) her homework.

3) Yes, I __HAVE__   __VISITED__ (visit) Moscow before.

4) Nikolai __HAS__   __READ__ (read) two books this week.

5) We __HAVE__   __DECIDED__ (decide) to go to Cyprus on holiday this year.

6) Mum __HAS__   __TAKEN__ (take) lot of pictures already.

7) Olga __HAS__   __GONE__ (go) to the market. She will be back soon.

8) The flight from London __HAS__   __ARRIVED__ (arrive).

9) My father __HAS__   __DRIVEN__ (drive) to Sochi many times.

10) Polina __HAS__   __TAUGHT__ (teach) English in China.

11) I __HAVE__   __BEEN__ (be) to Barcelona many times.

12) Boris __HAS__   __SEEN__ (see) the film five times. He really likes it.

13) They __HAVE__   __WON__ (win) two prizes.

14) The teacher __HAS__   __MET__ (meet) my parents.

15) Natasha __HAS__   __ANSWERED__ (answer) all the questions.

16) I __HAVE__   __FORGOT__ (forget) my email password.

17) The children __HAVE__   __SUNG__ (sing) the song many times before.

18) Yulia __HAS__   __WORN__ (wear) her blue dress only once.

19) Denis __HAS__   __BROKEN__ (break) his arm.

20) Vlad __HAS__   __WALKED__ (walk) to school twice this month.

21) You __HAVE__   __CALLED__ (call) me three times today.

22) Tatiana and Natasha __HAVE__   __LIVED__ (live) in Krasnodar for two years.

23) My book is gone! Someone __HAS__   __TAKEN__ (take) it.

24) I __HAVE__   __WRITTEN__ (write) a poem. Do you want to hear it?

25) That old woman __HAS__   __FALLEN____ (fall) down. Is she okay?