Упражнение 5




1) When __ARE__ you __GOING_TO__   __DO__ (do) your homework?

2) Yulia __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __STUDY__ (study) for her maths test today. (+)

3) Tanya __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __BUILD__ (build) a sandcastle on the beach. (-)

4) Nikita __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __RIDE__ (ride) his new bike today.  (+)

5) Don’t worry. Grandma __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __FORGET__ (forget) your birthday. (-)

6) Who __ARE__ you __GOING_TO__   __GIVE__ (give) those flowers to?

7) Daniil __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __JUMP__ (jump) into the swimming pool. (-)

8) Maksim __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   ___LIE__ (lie) in bed all day. (-)

9) Do you think it __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __SNOW__ (snow) tonight?

10) When __ARE__ our guests __GOING_TO__   __ARRIVE__ (arrive)?

11) What __ARE__ we __GOING_TO__   __LEARN__ (learn) in school this year?

12) I __AM__   __GOING_TO__   __BE__ (be) a footballer when I grow up. (+)

13) Anna __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __LOOK_FOR__ (look for) a new flat this weekend. (+)

14) We __AREN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __PLAY__ (play) computer games today. (-)

15) __ARE__ you __GOING_TO__   __WALK__ (walk) with me to school today?

16) Matvey __IS__   __GOING__TO__   __CLEAN__ (clean) his room today. (+)

17) Who __ARE__ you __GOING_TO__   __GO__ (go) to the cinema with?

18) __ARE__ you __GOING_TO__   __CALL__ (call) the doctor tomorrow?

19) Marina __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __TAKE__ (take) a picture of Big Ben. (+)

20) __ARE__ you __GOING_TO__   __BRUSH__ (brush) your hair before you leave?

21) Pavel __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __GET__ (get) to school on time. (-)

22) __ARE__ you __GOING_TO__   __TALK__ (talk) to the teacher?

23) __IS__ Volodya __GOING_TO__   __BUY__ (buy) a new DVD?

24) Be careful! That dog __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __BITE__ (bite) you. (+)

25) Do you think people __ARE__   __GOING_TO__   __LIVE__ (live) on the moon someday?