Упражнение 4




1) __ARE__ you __GOING_TO__   __LIVE__ (live) in Moscow next year?

2) I __AM__   __GOING_TO__   __DO__ (do) my homework after dinner. (+)

3) Who __ARE__ you __GOING_TO__   __TRAVEL__ (travel) to Europe with?

4) Sergey __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __BUY__ (buy) a new computer game. (-)

5) Nadia __ISN’T__   __GOING__TO__   __TAKE__ (take) her sister to school. (-)

6) Nikita and Anya __ARE__   __GOING_TO__   __GET_MARRIED__ (get married) next summer. (+)

7) Olga __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __BRUSH__ (brush) her teeth after breakfast. (+)

8) __ARE__ you __GOING_TO__   __TAKE__ (take) my photo?

9) Who __ARE__ you __GOING_TO__   __CALL__ (call)?

10) Mum __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __GO__ (go) shopping today. (-)

11) I __AM__   __NOT__   __GOING_TO__   __CLEAN__ (clean) my room today. (-)

12) Igor __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __WALK__ (walk) to the city centre today. (+)

13) __IS__ Pavel __GOING__TO__   __PLAY__ (play) football tomorrow?

14) __IS__ Katya __GOING_TO__   __LOOK_FOR__ (look for) new job?

15) Who __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __BE__ (be) the new class president?

16) No one __IS__   __GOING_TO__  __LEARN__ (learn) a new language in one month. (+)

17) I don’t think it __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __SNOW__ (snow) tonight (+)

18) The man said the bus __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __ARRIVE__ (arrive) on time. (-)

19) Next week, Olga __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __LIE__ (lie) on a beach all day. (+)

20) Daria __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __JUMP__ (jump) on a trampoline. (+)

21) __ARE__ you __GOING_TO__   __GIVE__ (give) that to me?

22) Nikita __IS__ never __GOING_TO__   __FORGET__ (forget) his trip to London. (+)

23) Yegor __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __RIDE__ (ride) his bike today. (-)

24) __ARE__ they __GOING_TO__   __BUILD__ (build) a new hotel in the city?

25) What language __ARE__ you __GOING_TO__   __STUDY__ (study) next year?