Упражнение 3




1) What __ARE__ you __GOING_TO__   __DO__ (do) on Saturday?

2) Where __IS__ Matvey __GOING_TO__   __GO__ (go) to university?

3) __IS__ Nikolai __GOING__TO__   __WATCH__ (watch) the new film tonight?

4) Do you think it __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __RAIN__ (rain) tomorrow?

5) When __ARE__ you __GOING_TO__   __DO__ (do) your homework?

6) __IS__ Liza __GOING_TO__   __WALK__ (walk) to school tomorrow?

7) __IS__ mum __GOING_TO__   __MAKE__ (make) pizza for dinner?

8) __ARE__ you __GOING_TO__   __DRINK__ (drink) any tea today?

9) What kind of cake __IS__ granny __GOING_TO__   __BAKE__ (bake) this weekend?

10) Who __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __ANSWER__ (answer) the first question?

11) When __IS__ dad __GOING_TO__   __FLY__ (fly) to Paris?

12) __ARE__ you __GOING_TO__   __WASH__ (wash) the car this weekend?

13) __IS__ Alex __GOING_TO__   __GO__ (go) swimming on Saturday?

14) What team __ARE__ we __GOING_TO__   __PLAY__ (play) on Tuesday?

15) __IS__ Sofia __GOING_TO__   __ASK__ (ask) the teacher a question?

16) __ARE__ you __GOING_TO_   __EAT__ (eat) all of the pizza?

17) __IS__ Diana __GOING_TO__   __READ__ (read) the book I gave her?

18) __ARE__ those boys __GOING_TO__   __FALL__ (fall) out of the tree?

19) __IS__ Veronkia __GOING_TO__   __SING__ (sing) in the show this weekend?

20) __ARE__ your grandparents __GOING_TO__   __VISIT__ (visit) you this weekend?

21) How many students __ARE__   __GOING_TO__   __STUDY__ (study) English this year?

22) __IS__ Dasha __GOING_TO__   __TELL__ (tell) you her secret?

23) __IS__ Kirill __GOING_TO__   __RUN__ (run) a marathon this year?

24) __ARE__ you __GOING_TO__   __WEAR__ (wear) your new coat to school today?

25) __IS__ Boris __GOING_TO__   __BUY__ (buy) a new computer this week?