Упражнение 2




1) Julia __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __DANCE__ (dance) next weekend.

2) I __AM__   __NOT__   __GOING__TO__   __FLY__ (fly) to Rome tomorrow.

3) He __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __JUMP__ (jump) off the table.

4) My parents __AREN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __BUY__ (buy) a new flat.

5) You __AREN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __WIN__ (win) the match.

6) My grandparents __AREN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __VISIT__ (visit) us next year.

7) Vika __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __TRAVEL__ (travel) very far this summer.

8) My classmates and I __AREN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __DO__ (do) our homework.

9) My friend __ISN’T__   __GOING__TO__   __CALL__ (call) me tonight.

10) Kostya __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __WATCH__ (watch) TV tonight.

11) It’s raining. It __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __BE__ (be) a nice day today.

12) Dima and I __AREN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __RUN__ (run) in the park today.

13) Maria __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __EAT__ (eat) at a café today.

14) My aunt and uncle __AREN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __BUY__ (buy) a new flat.

15) I __AM__   __NOT__   __GOING_TO__   __STUDY__ (study) in England next summer.

16) Mum __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __WORK__ (work) in the shop next week.

17) Igor __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __LOOK__ (look) for a job next week.

18) Dad __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __FIX__ (fix) the car tomorrow.

19) Tatyana __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __LISTEN__ (listen) to the podcast.

20) Misha and Gennady __AREN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __RIDE__ (ride) their bikes today.

21) My sister __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __GO__ (go) out tonight.

22) My class __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __TAKE__ (take) an exam today.

23) Irina __ISN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __READ__ (read) a book this week.

24) You __AREN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __HAVE__ (have) lessons next week.

25) They __AREN’T__   __GOING_TO__   __SING__ (sing) at the party.