Упражнение 1




1) My family __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __FLY__ (fly) to London next week.

2) Lyudmila __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __HAVE__ (have) a birthday party.

3) Dima __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __SEE__ (see) the new superhero film tonight.

4) Angelina __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __BUY__ (buy) a new smartphone.

5) I __AM__   __GOING_TO__    __DO__ (do) my homework after dinner.

6) They __ARE__   __GOING_TO__   __MEET__ (meet) in a café after class.

7) Lydia __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __TAKE__ (take) the bus to school tomorrow.

8) My aunt and uncle __ARE__   __GOING_TO__   __TRAVEL__ (travel) to America on holiday.

9) Sergey __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __WRITE__ (write) a poem.

10) Nadia __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __WATCH__ (watch) TV tonight.

11) Pavel and Lera __ARE__   __GOING_TO__   __GET_MARRIED_ (get married) in June.

12) My father __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __BE__ (be) in Moscow next week.

13) I __AM__   __GOING_TO__   __HELP__ (help) my grandma next week.

14) Natasha __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __GO__ (go) to a café this evening.

15) My sister __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __COOK__ (cook) dinner tonight.

16) My classmates and I __ARE__   __GOING_TO__   __STUDY__ (study) for the exam.

17) Sveta __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __EAT__ (eat) spaghetti when she is in Rome.

18) Dasha __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __SPEAK__ (speak) English when she is in London.

19) Mum and dad __ARE__   __GOING_TO__   __PAY__ (pay) for my concert ticket.

20) I __AM__   __GOING_TO__   __STAY__ (stay) in a hotel on the beach.

21) Kostya and I __ARE__   __GOING_TO__   __LEAVE__ (leave) school and go to college.

22) Alona __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __TAKE__ (take) lots of pictures in Paris.

23) Nikolai __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __SELL__ (sell) his phone and buy a new one.

24) Sofia __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __PAINT__ (paint) a picture for her mother.

25)Masha __IS__   __GOING_TO__   __SWIM__ (swim) in the sea when she’s on holiday.