Упражнение 5




1) What is __THE__   __TALLEST__ (tall) building in the world?

2) Yuri is __YOUNGER__   __THAN__ (young) Nikolai.

3) Alona is __THE__   __MOST__   __BEAUTIFUL__ (beautiful) girl I have ever seen.

4) Vika is __THE__   __SHORTEST__ (short) pupil in our class.

5) What is __THE__   __WORST__ (bad) film you have ever seen?

6) Are cheeseburgers __BETTER__   __THAN__ (good) hamburgers?

7) I woke up today __EARLIER__   __THAN__ (early) my parents.

8) What’s __THE__   __FASTEST__ (fast) way to get to the city centre during rush hour?

9) What is __THE__   __OLDEST__ (old) coin in your collection?

10) What is __THE__   __MOST__   __IMPORTANT__(important) holiday of the year?

11) Physics is __MORE__   __DIFFICULT__   __THAN__   (difficult) geography.

12) Are rich people __HAPPIER__   __THAN__ (happy) poor people?

13) Are dogs __MORE__   __INTELLIGENT__   __THAN__ (intelligent) cats?

14) I got to school today __FASTER__   __THAN__ (fast) yesterday.

15) What is __THE__   __FURTHEST__ (far) planet from the sun?

16) It is __COLDER__ (cold) today __THAN__ yesterday.

17) My brother is __SHORTER__   __THAN__ (short) me.

18) Who is __THE__   __MOST__   __POPULAR__ (popular) pupil in your class?

19) That was __THE__   ___SCARIEST__ (scary) film I have ever seen!

20) I feel __BETTER__ (good) this week __THAN__ last week.

21) What is __THE__   __FUNNIEST__ (funny) film you’ve seen this year?

22) That was __THE__   __WORST__ (bad) pizza I have ever eaten.

23) You are __SLOWER__   __THAN__ (slow) a snail!

24) What was __THE__   __BEST__ (good) book you have ever read?

25) What is __THE__   __LONGEST__ (long) river in Russia?