Упражнение 4




1) Marina is __THE__   __CLEVEREST__ (clever) pupil in the school.

2) That’s __THE__   __CUTEST__ (cute) baby I’ve ever seen.

3) Who is __THE__   __LOUDEST__ (loud) kid in the room?

4) Jeans are __THE__   __MOST__   __COMFORTABLE__ (comfortable) clothes to wear.

5) Yegor’s room is __THE__   __DIRTIEST__ (dirty) in the house!

6) What is __THE__   __MOST__   __EXPENSIVE__ (expensive) car in the world?

7) What is __THE__   __FUNNIEST__ (funny) film you’ve seen this year?

8) That was __THE__   __BEST__ (good) best pizza I’ve ever eaten.

9) Who is __THE__   __HAPPIEST__ (happy) person you know?

10) Volodya is __THE__   __MOST__   __HARD-WORKING__ (hard-working) person I know.

11) What is __THE__   __HEALTHIEST______ (healthy) meal on the menu?

12) What team won __THE__   __LEAST__ (little) amount of matches last season?

13) Is the Amazon __THE__   __LONGEST__ (long) river in the world?

14) Wow! That’s __THE__   __CLEANEST__ (clean) I’ve ever seen your room!

15) Maksim is __THE__   __NICIEST__ (nice) boy I’ve ever met.

16) What is __THE__   __POOREST__ (poor) country in Europe?

17) Vanilla is __THE__   __MOST__   __POPULAR__ (popular) flavor of ice cream.

18) Vika, that’s __THE__   __PRETTIEST__ (pretty) dress I’ve ever seen.

19) Dmitry is __THE__   __BEST__ (good) player on his team.

20) Nikita is __THE__   __SHORTEST__ (short) boy on the basketball team.

21) It was __THE__   __MOST__   __BORING__ (boring) programme on TV this week.

22) Is Moscow __THE__   __OLDEST__ (old) city in Russia?

23) That was __THE__   __WORST__ (bad) meal I ever had!

24) Who is __THE__   __LUCKIEST__ (lucky) person in your family?

25) Is Nadia __THE__   __MOST__   __TALKATIVE__ (talkative) girl in the class?