Упражнение 3




1) In Russia, summer is __THE__   __HOTTEST__ (hot) season of the year.

2) I bought __THE__   __CHEAPEST__ (cheap) notebook computer in the store.

3) What is __THE__   __HIGHEST__ (high) mountain in the Europe?

4) Andrei is __THE__   __BEST__ (good) pupil in his class.

5) Anya is __THE__   __MOST__   __BEAUTIFUL__ (beautiful) girl in school.

6) This exam was __THE__   __MOST__   __DIFFICULT__ (difficult) I have ever taken.

7) Are cobras __THE__   __MOST__   __DANGEROUS__ (dangerous) snakes in the world?

8) That rock is __THE__   __HEAVIEST__ (heavy) one in our garden.

9) My grandfather is __THE__   __OLDEST__ (old) member of our family.

10) This restaurant is __THE__   __MOST__   __EXPENSIVE__ (expensive) in the city.

11) Fluffy is __THE__   __FATTEST__ (fat) of my five cats.

12) Ilya is __THE__   __TALLEST__ (tall) boy in school.

13) Who is __THE__   __MOST__   __POPULAR__ (popular) singer in Russia?

14) Yesterday was __THE__   __COLD__ (cold) day of the year.

15) I want to buy __THE__   __BIGGEST__ (big) box of chocolate for my mum.

16) Neptune is __THE__   __FURTHEST__ (far) planet from the sun.

17) Yesterday’s exam was __THE__   __EASIEST__ (easy) one of the course.

18) Daniil is __THE__   __FASTEST__ (fast) boy on the team.

19) That was __THE__   __MOST__   __INTERESTING__ (interesting) book I have ever read.

20) What is __THE__   __MOST__   __BORING__ (boring) film you have seen this year?

21) My sister has __THE__   __LONGEST__ (long) hair in the family.

22) Who is __THE__   __RICHEST__ (rich) man in the world?

23) What is __THE__   __WORST__ (bad) film you have ever seen?

24) My horse was __THE__   __SLOWEST__ (slow) in the race.

25) Who was __THE__   __YOUNGEST__ (young) actor to win an Oscar?