Упражнение 2




1) Are books __MORE__   __BORING__   __THAN__ (boring) films?

2) Cows are __BIGGER__   __THAN__ (big) chickens.

3) Some people say that English is __EASIER__   __THAN__ (easy) Russian.

4) A cheeseburger is __MORE__   __EXPENSIVE__   __THAN__ (expensive) a hamburger.

5) Is a pig __MORE__   __INTELLIGENT__   __THAN__ (intelligent) than a dog?

6) A Ferrari is __FASTER__   __THAN__ (fast) a Zhiguli.

7) I did __WORSE__   __THAN__ (bad) Leonid on the maths exam.

8) Katrina’s cat is __BIGGER__   __THAN__ (big) my cat.

9) Today it is __HOTTER__   __THAN__ (hot) yesterday.

10) My brother is __TALLER__   __THAN__ (tall) my day.

11) A feather is __LIGHTER__   __THAN__ (light) gold.

12) Andrei is __SHORTER__   __THAN__ (short) Maksim.

13) Elena’s hair is __LONGER__   __THAN__ (long) Angelina’s hair.

14) Skydiving is __MORE__   __DANGEROUS__   __THAN__ (dangerous) surfing.

15) Siberia is __COLDER__   __THAN__ (cold) Australia.

16) Yesterday, Anna was __HAPPIER__   __THAN__ (happy) Sofia.

17) I think apple juice is __BETTER__   __THAN__ (good) orange juice.

18) A car is __HEAVIER__   __THAN__ (heavy) a bicycle.

19) The blue shirt is __CHEAPER__   __THAN__ (cheap) the green one.

20) Yesterday was __WARMER__   __THAN__ (warm) today.

21) Matvey is __YOUNGER__   __THAN__ (young) Marina.

22) There are many people who are __RICH__   __THAN__ (rich) me.

23) Lydia is __OLDER__   __THAN__ (old) her cousin.

24) Your dress is __MORE__   __BEAUTIFUL__   __THAN__ (beautiful) than mine.

25) Physics is __MORE__   __DIFFICULT__   __THAN__ (difficult) maths.