Упражнение 1




1) Horses are __FASTER__   __THAN__ (fast) snakes.

2) Elephants are __BIGGER__   __THAN__ (big) mice.

3) Trains are __SLOWER__   __THAN__ (slow) airplanes.

4) My book is __MORE__   __INTERESTING__   __THAN__ (interesting) your book.

5) Africa is __HOTTER__   __THAN__ (hot) Antarctica.

6) My grandpa is __OLDER__   __THAN__ (old) my sister.

7) I am always __HAPPIER__   __THAN__ (happy) my brother.

8) A Mercedes is __MORE__   __EXPENSIVE__   __THAN__ (expensive) a Lada.

9) Artyom is a __BETTER__ (good) student __THAN__ Andrei.

10) I did __WORSE__ (bad) on my exam __THAN__ Galina.

11) The earth is __SMALLER__   __THAN__ (small) the sun.

12) Winter is __COLDER__ (cold) in Russia __THAN__ summer.

13) Sharks are __MORE__   __DANGEROUS__   __THAN__ (dangerous) butterflies.

14) A year is __LONGER__   __THAN__ (long) a month.

15) I am __TALLER__   __THAN__ (tall) my sister.

16) My mum is __SHORTER__   __THAN__ (short) my father.

17) A flower is __MORE__   __BEAUTIFUL__   __THAN__ (beautiful) a weed.

18) Dolphins are __MORE__   __INTELLIGENT__  __THAN__ (intelligent) goldfish.

19) I thought maths was __EASIER__   __THAN__ (easy) chemistry.

20) My cat is __FATTER__   __THAN__ (fat) my dog.

21) The box was __HEAVIER__   __THAN__ (heavy) the bag.

22) The Nile river is __LONGER__   __THAN__ (long) the Volga.

23) My dog is __FRIENDLIER__   __THAN__ (friendly) my cat.

24) Sugar is __SWEETER__   __THAN__ (sweet) salt.

25) A bicycle is __CHEAPER__   __THAN__ (cheap) a car.