Упражнение 5




1) There is too __MUCH__ furniture in the living room.

2) Are there too __MANY__ books in your school bag?

3) How __MUCH__ doesn’t that new computer game cost?

4) You shouldn’t drink so __MUCH__ coffee.

5) How __MUCH__ sugar do you need for the recipe?

6) Don’t put too __MUCH__ salt on your chips.

7) How __MANY__ English words can you learn in a week?

8) Don’t make too __MANY__ sandwiches for the picnic.

9) How __MUCH__ time do we have between lessons?

10) You shouldn’t eat so __MUCH__ butter. It isn’t good for you.

11) I don’t think he has __MANY__ friends.

12) How __MUCH__ money do you need for lunch today?

13) There is not __MUCH__ honey left. Shall I buy some more?

14) Alex doesn’t have __MUCH__ homework tonight.

15) How __MANY__ pencils have you got in your pencil case?

16) How __MANY__ cucumbers do you want in the salad?

17) Not __MANY__ shops are open on a Sunday morning.

18) You shouldn’t eat too __MANY__ sweets before dinner.

19) How __MANY__ grams are in a kilo?

20) There is not __MUCH__ juice left in the fridge.

21) Did you have __MANY__ problems with your computer yesterday?

22) How __MUCH__ rice did you buy at the store?

23) Mum didn’t do __MUCH__ shopping over the weekend.

24) Is there __MUCH__ toothpaste left?

25) There weren’t __MANY__ people in the fitness center today.