Упражнение 4



Заполните пробел одним из двух вариантов в скобках.


1) Gennady didn’t eat ________ (much/many) cheese for lunch today.

2) Liza eats ________ (quite a lot of/any) vegetables.

3) Nadia read ________ (a few/a little) books over the summer.

4) Viktor and Anna have ________ (a lot of/many) homework today.

5) There doesn’t seem to be ________ (much/many) food in the kitchen.

6) I don’t have ________ (much/many) questions.

7) I have ________ (quite a lot of/much) computer games.

8) I don’t have ________ (any/many) food. I need to go to the store.

9) There is ________ (a lot of/many) noise coming from the neighbour’s flat.

10) Our cat had ________ (quite a lot of /much) kittens this spring.

11) There were ________ (a few/much) books in the room.

12) I have ________ (a lot of/much) apps on my smartphone.

13) There is ________ (a little/many) milk in the fridge. Shall I but more?

14) How ________ (much/many) time do we have before class starts?

15) There was ________ (a lot of/many) rain yesterday.

16) Is there ________ (a few/any) salt in the pantry?

17) Do you have ________ (a lot of/many) work to do this weekend?

18) Did you go to the beach? There is ________ (a lot of/much) sand on the floor.

19) How ________ (much/many) tea do you want?

20) I saw ________ (many/much) different animals at the zoo.

21) I had ________ (a lot of/many) luggage for my trip to Spain.

22) The store didn’t have ________ (much/many) fresh meat.

23) There weren’t ________ (much/a lot of) children in the park on Sunday.

24) Natasha found ________ (quite a lot of/much) shells at the beach today.

25) How ________ (much/many) songs do you have on your smartphone?