Упражнение 3




1) How __MUCH__ flour do we need to make a cake?

2) How __MANY__onions are in the bag?

3) How __MUCH__ homework do you have for English?

4) How __MANY__ pencils do you need to buy?

5) How __MUCH__ orange juice is there in the fridge?

6) How __MUCH__ paper is there in the printer?

7) How __MUCH__ rice is in the cupboard?

8) How __MANY__ apples do you need for the pie?

9) How __MUCH__ coffee do you drink a day?

10) How __MANY__ cars are on the street?

11) How __MUCH__ bread did you buy at the store?

12) How __MANY__ pupils are ill today?

13) How __MUCH__ furniture is in the living room?

14) How __MUCH__ butter do you need for the toast?

15) How __MUCH__ chocolate bars do you need to buy?

16) How __MANY__ watermelons are in the car?

17) How __MUCH__ milk do you want to drink?

18) How __MANY__ keys do you have in your pocket?

19) How __MUCH__ toothpaste do you need?

20) How __MANY__ spoons are there on the table?

21) How __MUCH__ water is there in the glass?

22) How __MANY__ cups of tea do you drink for breakfast?

23) How __MUCH__ sugar is in the bowl?

24) How __MANY__ windows do you need to clean?

25) How __MUCH__ money do you need?