Упражнение 2




1) I don’t drink __MUCH__ (much/many) coffee.

2) Irina reads _A_LOT_OF__ (much/a lot of) books each summer.

3) Nadia doesn’t eat __MANY__ (much/many) oranges.

4) Gleb eats __A_LOT_OF__ (a lot of/much) bananas.

5) How __MUCH__ (much/many) water do you drink?

6) Olesya doesn’t eat __MANY__ (much/many) vegetables.

7) Grigory does __A_LOT_OF__ (many/a lot of) exercise.

8) Arseny and Lev haven’t watched __MANY__ (much/many) films on TV this week.

9) I didn’t eat __ANY__ (much/any) sweets.

10) Lydia doesn’t want __A_LOT_OF__ (a lot of/much) presents for her birthday.

11) Mum and dad don’t sleep __MUCH__ (much/many) during the week.

12) He didn’t do __ANY__ (any/many) exercise today.

13) Alex eats __QUITE_A_LOT_OF__ (quite a lot of/any) healthy food.

14) There weren’t __MANY__ (much/many) pupils at school today.

15) The cat had __A_LOT_OF__ (much/a lot of) kittens.

16) I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t eat __MUCH__ (much/many).

17) Did Denis read that magazine __MANY__ (any/many) times?

18) He’s rich. He has __A_LOT_OF__ (many/a lot of) money.

19) My grandma drinks _A_LOT_OF_ (a lot of/any) tea.

20) There isn’t __MUCH__ (many/much) butter in the fridge.

21) He is popular. He has __MANY__ (many/any) friends.

22) I’ve got __QUITE_A_LOT_OF__ (quite a lot of/any) food. Do you want some?

23) Alona and I play __A_LOT_OF_ (a lot of/much) computer games.

24) My cat doesn’t drink __MUCH__ (much/many) milk.

25) Tanya has __A_LOT_OF__ (a lot of/much) CDs on her shelf.