Упражнение 1




1) How __MUCH__ coffee does Nikolai drink a day?

2) How __MANY__ books did Alona read last summer?

3) How __MUCH__ time do we have before the lesson starts?

4) How __MANY__ friends does Sergey have?

5) How __MANY__ apples are on the table?

6) How __MANY__ letters are there in the English alphabet?

7) How __MUCH__ does the bread cost?

8) How __MANY__ pencils does Marina have?

9) How __MANY__ bananas did you eat?

10) How __MUCH__ sleep did you get last night?

11) How __MANY__ pets do you have?

12) How __MUCH__ tea does your mum drink?

13) How __MUCH__ milk is in the fridge?

14) How __MANY__ cups of coffee did Misha drink yesterday?

15) How __MANY__ pens are on the table?

16) How __MANY__ eggs do you want for breakfast?

17) How __MUCH__ money does Igor have in his pocket?

18) How __MUCH__ rice was in that bowl?

19) How __MANY__ chairs are in the room?

20) How __MUCH__ sugar is in the tea?

21) How __MANY__ exams will you take?

22) How __MANY__ letters did you send yesterday?

23) How __MANY__ children came to Tanya’s party?

24) How __MANY__ rubbers are in your schoolbag?

25) How __MUCH__ flour is the in the cupboard?