Упражнение 5




1) Sergey doesn’t need __ANY__ help.

2) Is there __ANY__ cake left?

3) There is __AN__ orange on the desk.

4) Daniil wants __SOME__ coffee.

5) There are __SOME__ books on the table.

6) They went to the park, but didn’t have __ANY__ fun.

7) Do you have to do __ANY__ homework tonight?

8) I have __SOME__ pencil, but don’t have __ANY__ pens.

9) Is there __ANY__ pasta in the cupboard?

10) Were there __ANY__ computers in the room?

11) There are __SOME__ cars in the car park.

12) Are there __ANY__ fish in the aquarium?

13) I have __SOME__ bread and __SOME__ cheese.

14) I don’t want __ANY__ food. I’m not hungry.

15) Is there __A__ lamp on the desk?

16) Can I have __SOME__ strawberry jam?

17) Do you have __A__ minute to speak to me?

18) Daria doesn’t have __ANY__ brothers.

19) I didn’t see __ANY__ of your toys in the garden.

20) Take __AN__ umbrella with you. It may rain later.

21) Mum doesn’t want __ANY__ breakfast today.

22) There wasn’t __ANY__ soap in the bathroom.

23) Can you buy __SOME__ flour when you go the store?

24) Why is there __A__ banana on that chair?

25) Dad just had __SOME__ fruit for breakfast.