Упражнение 4




1) We need to buy __SOME__ rice for dinner.

2) Did you have __ANY__ coffee for breakfast?

3) No, I don’t have __ANY__ money.

4) If you are hungry, there is __SOME__ spaghetti in the fridge.

5)  There isn’t __ANY__ soap in the bathroom.

6) Can I have __A__ glass of kvass?

7) I’ve got __A__ pencil and __SOME__ pens.

8) Did you visit __ANY__ museums when you were in London?

9) Denis has __A__ question for you.

10) Do you want __ANY__ chocolate?

11) There are __SOME__ cars in the car park.

12) There aren’t __ANY__ chairs in the room.

13) There wasn’t __A__ elephant in the circus.

14) Will there be __ANY__ rain today?

15) Yes, we have __SOME__ butter.

16) There isn’t __A__ sofa in the living room.

17) There isn’t __ANY__ ice cream in the shop.

18) Did you have __ANY__ cake for dessert?

19) I didn’t eat __ANY__ fruit yesterday.

20) I’ll have __SOME__ pasta for lunch.

21) The party was boring. I didn’t have __ANY__ fun.

22) Igor had __SOME__ soup for dinner.

23) I went to the park and played __SOME__ basketball.

24) That man is bald. He doesn’t have __ANY__ hair.

25) I want to go to the park and have __SOME__ fun.