Упражнение 3




1) Does she want __SOME__ milk?

2) Are there __ANY__ apples on the table?

3) Is there __A___ sandwich in my lunchbox?

4) Does Andrei want __A__ glass of water?

5) Is there __ANY__ flour in the cupboard?

6) Have we got __ANY__ potatoes?

7) Do you want me to grill __A__ hot dog for you?

8) Do you want __SOME__ orange juice?

9) Does Tanya want __AN__ orange?

10) Did mum eat __ANY__ dessert?

11) Did you put __ANY__ sugar in my tea?

12) Can I have __A__ bowl of chicken soup?

13) Did you have __ANY__ bananas for breakfast?

14) Does Pavel have __ANY__ English homework tonight?

15) Can I borrow __A__ pencil?

16) Do you want __ANY__ salt on your chips?

17) Did you get __ANY__ emails yesterday?

18) Does Sofia have __A__ comb in her bag?

19) Do you know __ANY__ good hotels in Anapa?

20) Did you hear __ANY__ news about the accident?

21) Is there __A__ book on the shelf?

22) Did you eat __ANY__ eggs for breakfast?

23) Do you know __ANY__ kids who like computer games?

24) Is there __ANY__ bread in the pantry?

25) Do you have __ANY__ money with you?