Упражнение 2




1) He doesn’t want __ANY__ juice.

2) I don’t want __A__ hot dog.

3) Yulia and I don’t want __ANY__ rice.

4) My parents don’t want __A__ dog.

5) Grandma doesn’t want __ANY__ tea.

6) Matvey doesn’t want to drink __ANY__ milk.

7) Vlad isn’t hungry. He doesn’t want __AN__ egg sandwich.

8) There aren’t __ANY__ vegetables in the garden.

9) It’s raining, but I don’t have __AN__ umbrella.

10) There isn’t __AN__ apple on the table.

11) There aren’t ___A__ pillows on the bed.

12) I don’t want __ANY__ sugar in my tea.

13) Leonid doesn’t have __ANY__ money.

14) Nikita doesn’t have __A__ schoolbag.

15) Diana doesn’t want __AN__ ice cream sandwich.

16) I didn’t drink __ANY__ water.

17) Evgeny doesn’t know __ANY__ English people.

18) There wasn’t __ANY__ flour in the cupboard.

19) Dad didn’t have __AN__ omlette for breakfast.

20) The teacher didn’t give the pupils __ANY__ answers.

21) There weren’t __ANY__ shells on the beach.

22) Kirill doesn’t want __ANY__ juice.

23) Julia didn’t eat __A__ tomato.

24) Pavel didn’t play __ANY__ computer games yesterday.

25) Mum and dad didn’t have __ANY__ yoghurt for breakfast.