Упражнение 1




1) I want to buy __SOME__ milk.  

2) I have __SOME__ carrots. Do you want one?    

3)  There is __AN__ orange in my schoolbag.

4) I want __AN__ apple.        

5) I drank __SOME__ juice yesterday.

6) I’d like __SOME__ tea, please.  

7) Misha wants  __A__ sandwich for lunch.    

8) Mum is making __SOME__ borsch for dinner.   

9) I do __SOME__ exercise every day.

10) I have __SOME__ kefir in my glass.    

11) Sergey has __A__ banana.           

12) I would like __SOME__ chocolate, please.     

13) Olga needs __SOME__ money to buy a book.

14) Alex did __SOME__ homework after school.

15) Boris has got __A__ pencil.          

16) Don’t forget to buy __SOME__ sugar.

17) I have __SOME__ grapes.

18) There is __SOME__ meat in the fridge.           

19) There is __SOME__ popcorn in the bowl.

20) I want __A__ cheeseburger for lunch.      

21) Mum bought __SOME__ cheese at the shop.

22) I had __AN__ apple for lunch yesterday.

23) There is __SOME__ salad in the fridge.

24) I’m thirsty. I want to drink __SOME__ water.

25) We need __SOME__ sugar and __SOME__ flour for the cake.