Упражнение 5


Короткие тексты

Заполните пропуски в тексте правильной формой глагола «Be». Выберите am, is, или are.


Hello! I _______ Margaret and I _______ from London. I _______ 10 years old and I love dancing. I’ve got one sister and one brother. My brother’s name _______ Andrew. He _______ tall and thin and he likes playing computer games. Both my sister and brother _______ younger than me. I _______ the oldest. My sister _____ called Anna, she  _______ 4 years old. She likes playing with dolls. On Saturdays, I usually play with my friends Mary and Jane. They _______ 10 and 11 years old. We usually play in the park together. My mum _______ a housewife and my dad _______ a teacher. We _______ a very happy family!


My name _______ John and I live in New York City. I _______ 15 years old and I ______ a pupil. My favourite subjects _______ Maths and Chemistry. Today _______ Sunday, so I _______ not in school. It _______ spring, and the weather _______ nice today. It _______ not raining. I don’t have to wear a jacket, because it _______ warm and sunny outside. My mum and I _______ going shopping later. It _______ my dad’s birthday tomorrow, and we have to buy him a gift. My father _______ a chef. He _______ a very good cook. His restaurant _______ very popular.


My cousin and I _______ going to the zoo today. My cousin _______ visiting me from Volgograd. Her name _______ Olga, and she likes animals. Her mother _______ a Vet, and she wants to be a Vet too. Olga and her mother _______ staying with my family for a week. We _______ having a barbeque tonight. Tomorrow _______ my birthday. I _______ very happy. My mum and dad _______ buying me a new camera. My dad _______ a photographer. My mum likes taking pictures too, but she _______ not a photographer, she _______ a nurse.


My brother _______ a student at university. He _______ twenty years old and _______ very smart. He likes computers. Next week, he _______ coming back home. It _______ summer holiday. My parents _______ very happy, and so _______ I. When my brother comes home, we _______ going to visit my grandmother. She lives in Sochi. Sochi _______ my favorite city. I like swimming in the sea, eating ice cream, and going to Sochi Park. Where _______ you going on your summer holiday this year?


Summer _______ my favorite season. The weather _______ warm, and I go to camp on the Black Sea. The camp _______ fun. I have three friends at camp. We go to camp together every summer. Two of my friends  _______ from Moscow, and one _______ from Rostov. My friend from Rostov _______ called Alex. He _______ very tall and he likes playing basketball. My friends from Moscow _______ not very tall, but they like playing basketball too. Basketball  _______ their favourite sport. _______ basketball your favourite sport?