Упражнение 4




1) They __ARE__ students.

2) __IS__ he your friend?

3) She __IS__ not a teacher. She __IS__ a new student.

4) We __ARE__ not American. We __ARE__ from England.

5) It __IS__ sunny today.

6) I __AM__ a football player. __ARE__ you a football player too?

7) James and Mary __ARE__ from England.

8) My father __IS__ not at work today. It __IS__ a holiday.

9) This film __IS__ great. Action films __ARE__ my favorite.

10) My sisters __ARE__ good singers. __IS__ your sister a good dinger too?

11) Basketball __IS__ popular in Russia

12) Gleb and Alexander __ARE__ naughty boys.

13) These __ARE__ Kseniya’s books.

14) __IS__ mum cooking dinner?

15) Sofia and I __ARE__ going to the cinema.

16) Why __IS__ the baby crying? __IS__ he hungry?

17) What __IS__ your favorite fruit?

18) It __IS__ Sunday. Why __ARE__ you wearing your school uniform?

19) I __AM__ happy. __ARE__ you happy too?

20) Alexey, Natasha and I __ARE__ eating ice cream.

21) They __ARE__ our new neighbours.

22) __ARE__ we in room 306? No, we __ARE__ not. We __ARE__ in room 308.

23) That __IS__ a pencil and those __ARE__ pens.

24) Grandmother and Grandfather __ARE__ visiting today.

25) What __IS__ your name?