Упражнение 5




1) Today, granny __IS__   __MAKING__ (make) a cake. (+)

2) It’s Saturday. I __AM__   __NOT__   __DOING__ (do) any homework today. (-)

3) __IS__ mum __GOING__ (go) to the store today?

4) What __ARE__ you __GETTING__ (get) for your birthday?

5) My dad __IS__   __WORKING__ (work) at his shop today. (+)

6) I __AM__   __NOT__   __CALLING__ (call) Dmitry until tomorrow. (-)

7) Nikolai __IS__   __TRYING__ (try) to build a robot. (+)

8) Why __ARE__ you __ASKING__ (ask) me where I live?

9) I __AM__   __PUTTING__ (put) my toys away. (+)

10) Why __ARE__ you __HELPING__ (help) mum with the washing up?

11) Mum __IS__   __TALKING__ (talk) on the phone now. (+)

12) __ARE__ Misha and Leonid __PLAYING__ (play) football in the park?

13) Nikita __ISN’T__   __RUNNING__ (run) in the hall. (-)

14) Why __ARE__ you __HOLDING__ (hold) that bag?

15) Yulia __ISN’T__   __WRITING__ (write) an email to her granny. (-)

16) Volodya  and Nikita __AREN’T__   __SITTING__ (sit) on the floor. (-)

17) Hey! You __ARE__   __STANDING__ (stand) on my foot! (+)

18) What __ARE__ you __WATCHING__ (watch) on TV tonight?

19) Why __IS__ your dog __FOLLOWING__ (follow) you to school today?

20) Who __IS__ your father __SPEAKING__ (speak) to?

21) I __AM__   __NOT__   __READING__ (read) that book again! (-)

22) Why __ARE__ you __GROWING__ (grow) tomatoes this year?

23) Anya and Vika __AREN’T__   __WALKING__ (walk) to school today. (-)

24) I __AM__   __BUYING__ (buy) Andrei a computer game for his birthday. (+)

25) Why __ARE__ you __SEND__ (send) text messages during class?