Упражнение 4




1) Kirill __IS__   __BUYING__ (buy) a new computer today. (+)

2) I __AM__   __NOT__  __COMING__ (come) to your party tomorrow. I won’t be in town. (-)

3) __ARE__ you __GROWING__ (grow) carrots in your garden?

4) He __ISN’T__   __LEAVING__ (leave) until Friday. (-)

5) Nikita __IS__   __MAKING__ (make) a gift for his father. (+)

6) Elena and Lera __AREN’T__   __RIDING__ (ride) the bus today. (-)

7) Why __ARE__ you  __EATING__ (eat) my cheeseburger?

8) __IS__ it __GETTING__ (get) cold outside?

9) What __IS__ Sergey __SAYING__ (say)?

10) Sveta and Anya __ARE__   __WRITING__ (write) emails today. (+)

12) I __AM__   __NOT__   __TELLING__ (tell) you my secret. (-)

13) Who __ARE__   you __SENDING__ (send) that package to?

14) Maksim __IS__   __DOING__ (do) exercise in the fitness centre. (+)

15) Galina __ISN’T__   __GOING__ (go) to school today. She is ill. (-)

16) I __AM__   __NOT__   __LOOKING__ (look) at you! (-)

17) Who __ARE__  you __CALLING__ (call)?

18) Vadim __IS__   __TALKING__ (talk) on the phone right now. (+)

19) Daria __IS__   __HELPING__ (help) her mum with the housework. (+)

20) The boys __AREN’T__   __PLAYING__ (play) football today. (-)

21) My grandparents __AREN’T__   __LIVING__ (live) in Sochi. They moved last year. (-)

22) __ARE__ you __WATCHING__ (watch) the football match on TV right now?

23) Diana __ISN’T__   __WAITING__ (wait) very long. Just five minutes (-)

24) Which hotel __ARE__ you __STAYING__ (stay) in?

25) Angelika __IS__   __HOPING__ (hope) to visit London next summer. (+)