Упражнение 3




1) __IS__ Galina __TALKING__ (talk) on the phone?

2) __IS__ Sergey __LAUGHING__ (laugh) at the funny story?

3) __IS__ mum __SLEEPING__ (sleep)?

4) __ARE__ you __DRINKING__ (drink) tea or coffee?

5) Why __IS__ the baby __CRYING__ (cry)?

6) Why __IS__ my dad __WEARING__ (wear) a suit today?

7) Where __ARE__ they __EATING__ (eat) lunch today?

8) __IS__ Diana __HAVING__ (have) a bath now?

9) __AM__ I __GETTING__ (get) a skateboard for my birthday?

10) __ARE__ you __TEACHING__ (teach) Andrei how to play chess?

11) __IS__ Alona __DOING__ (do) her homework in the kitchen?

12) __ARE__ Anna and Vera __LISTENING__ (listen) to music?

13) __IS__ Nikita __PLAYING__ (play) computer games?

14) __ARE__ the children __WALKING__ (walk) to school today?

15) What __IS__ Pavel __WRITING__ (write) on the whiteboard?

16) Where __ARE__ you __GOING__ (go)?

17) Why __IS__ Misha __HIDING__ (hide) under his bed?

18) __ARE__ you __FLYING__ (fly) to Moscow next week?

19) Who __ARE__ you __WAITING__ (wait) for?

20) Why __IS__ Sveta __RUNNING__ (run) so fast?

21) __IS__ Artyom __CALLING__ (call) Nikita right now?

22) What book __IS__ Marina __READING__ (read) now?

23) __ARE__ you __MEETING__ (meet) your friends on Saturday?

24) What song __IS__ Sofia __SINGING__ (sing) at the concert?

25) What __ARE__ you __THINKING__ (think) about?