Упражнение 2




1) It __ISN’T__   __SNOWING__ (snow) outside.

2) The baby __ISN’T__   __CRYING__ (cry) at the moment.

3) Lena and Katya __AREN’T__   __BAKING__ (bake) a cake today.

4) Daniil __ISN’T__   __EATING__ (eat) a sandwich for lunch.

5) Vera __ISN’T__   __HELPING__ (help) mum in the kitchen.

6) They __AREN’T__   __GOING__ (go) to the beach today.

7) Sonya __ISN’T__   __HAVING__ (have) a pizza for dinner.

8) They __AREN’T__   __LOOKING__ (look) for their keys.

9) My aunt and uncle __AREN’T__   __COMING__ (come) to visit this weekend.

10) Arseny __ISN’T__   __WALKING__ (walk) to school today.

11) Lada __ISN’T__   __MAKING__ (make) a puzzle today.

12) The children __AREN’T__   __BUYING__ (buy) flowers for their mum.

13) Margarita __ISN’T__   __SINGING__ (sing) a sad song.

14) The dog __ISN’T__   __CHASING__ (chase) the cat.

15) The cat __ISN’T__   __SLEEPING__ (sleep) under the bed.

16) My dad __ISN’T__   __DRINKING__ (drink) coffee in the kitchen.

17) The children __AREN’T__   __LAUGHING__ (laugh) at the silly joke.

18) Taniya __ISN’T__   __WATCHING__ (watching) the football match on TV.

19) Nikolai and Dima __AREN’T__   __LISTENING__ (listen) to music.

20) Valery __ISN’T__   __TALKING__ (talk) on the phone right now.

21) I __AM__   __NOT__   __SITTING__ (sit) on the sofa.

22) My best friend __ISN’T__   __FEELING__ (feel) well today.

23) My grandfather __ISN’T__   __DRIVING__ (drive) his car today.

24) We __AREN’T__   __WEARING__ (wear) a uniform at school this week.

25) I __AM__   __NOT__   __MEETING__ (meet) my friends after school today.