Упражнение 1




1) My family and I __ARE__   __SITTING__ (sit) in the garden.

2) My brother __IS__   __PLAYING__ (play) football at the moment.

3) I __AM__   __RUNNING__ (run) in the park now.

4) Andrei and Sasha __ARE__   __HAVING__ (have) dinner in a restaurant.

5) Mum __IS__   __FEEDING__ (feed) the cat.

6) We __ARE__   __STAYING__ (stay) in a hotel on the beach.

7) Vadim __IS__   __STUDYING__ (study) for his English exam now.

8) Nadia __IS__   __PUTTING__ (put) her clothes into the suitcase.

9) Katya and Liza __ARE__   __BUYING__ (buy) new dresses for the party.

10) My family and I __ARE__   __EATING__ (eat) pizza for dinner.

11) I __AM__   __LISTENING__ (listen) to the radio.

12) Grandma and grandpa __ARE__   __DRIVING__ (drive) to Rostov on Saturday.

13) The children __ARE__   __DOING__ (do) their homework at the moment.

14) Lera and her friends __ARE__   __DRINKING__ (drink) tea.

15) Sasha __IS__   __BAKING__ (bake) a cake for her birthday.

16) It __IS__   __RAINING__ (rain) now, so we can’t play football.

17) I __AM__   __WRITING__ (write) an email to my friend.

18) Today, Gleb and Bogdan __ARE__   __WALKING__ (walk) to school.

19) Tanya __IS__   __MAKING__ (make) a gift for her grandmother.

20) Dasha __IS__   __PAINTING__ (paint) her bedroom walls.

21) You __ARE__   __SPENDING__ (spend) a lot of money in the shop.

22) Dad __IS__   __FIXING__ (fix) his car in the garage.

23) I __AM__   __WASHING__ (wash) the dishes.

24) Mum __IS__   __TALKING__ (talk) to our neighbour on the phone.

25) Yegor __IS__   __WATCHING__ (watch) the new video on his smartphone.