Упражнение 5




1) There were only ten pupils in my class yesterday.

2) There was a bird sitting in my window yesterday.

3) Were there any apples on the table?

4) Was there a good film on TV last Saturday?

5) There wasn’t any homework last week.

6) There weren’t any eggs in the fridge.

7) Was there anyone at home yesterday?

8) There were three children in the park.

9) There wasn’t / There weren’t any food left for the dog.

10) There was an empty glass on the table.

11) There weren’t any pens in the pencil case.

12) There was a snake in the garden.

13) Were there any monkeys in the zoo?

14) There was a shark at the beach.

15) There wasn’t a poster on the wall.

16) Was there a man flying a kite in the park?

17) There weren’t any nice dresses in the shop.

18) Were there any new children in the class?

19) There was / There were an owl sitting in the tree.

20) Were there any tomatoes in the vegetable garden?

21) There wasn’t enough milk to make a milkshake.

22) There weren’t many fans in the stadium.

23) Was there a football match on TV last Saturday?

24) There were many books on the shelf.

25) There was a mistake in your homework exercise.