Упражнение 4




1) __THERE_IS__ a new film at the cinema.

2) __THERE_ARE__ three boxes on the floor.

3) __THERE_ISN’T__ any milk in the fridge. Please buy some more.

4) __ARE_THERE__ lots of people living in the city centre on Saturday?

5) __IS_THERE__ someone waiting for you.

6) Turn off the TV. __THERE_ISN’T__ anything interesting to watch.

7) How many days __IS_THERE__ in February?

8) __THERE_AREN’T__ any people in the room. It’s empty.

9) __THERE_ARE__ a lot of people waiting to buy tickets.

10) __IS_THERE__ anything to eat in the fridge. We need to go shopping.

11) __THERE_IS__ a piece of paper on the floor. Pick it up!

12) __IS_THERE__ an English lesson tomorrow? I can’t remember.

13) __ARE_THERE__ any students in the classroom?

14) __IS_THERE__ enough flour to make a cake. I need to buy more.

15) __ARE_THERE__ any coins in your pocket?

16) I am bored. __THERE_IS__ nothing to do!

17) __IS_THERE__ going to be a big storm tonight?

18) __ARE_THERE__ any easy questions on the exam?

19) __THERE_IS__ a man sitting by the tree. Who is he?

20) __THERE_AREN’T__ any chairs. Where can I sit?

21) __THERE_IS__ some cheese in the fridge. You can eat it.

22) __IS_THERE__ any juice on the kitchen table?

23) __THERE_ARE__ too many people on the bus. There is no place to sit.

24) __IS_THERE__ anyplace to buy a drink? I’m thirsty.

25) __THERE_ARE__ five boys swimming in the lake.