Упражнение 3




1) Are there three cats in the kitchen?

2) Is there someone in the living room?

3) Are there flowers in the vase upstairs?

4) Is there anybody in the kitchen?

5) Are there any students in the classroom?

6) Are there an interesting programmes on TV tonight?

7) Is there a book on the table?

8) Is there a table in the dining room?

9) Are there pictures on the wall?

10) Are there any eggs in the fridge?

11) Is there a good restaurant in this town?

12) Are there a lot of children on the beach?

13) Is there a television in the bedroom?

14) Are there any pencils in the schoolbag?

15) Is there a bird in the tree?

16) Are there thirty students in the class?

17) Are there any desks in the classroom?

18) Is there an apple on the table?

19) Are there a lot of tourists in the museum?

20) Is there any milk in the fridge?

21) Are there any biscuits in the cupboard?

22) Are there any flowers in the garden?

23) Are there any pillows on the bed?

24) Is there a lot of rubbish in the bin?

25) Are there a lot of people on the bus?