Упражнение 1




1) There is a cat in the room.

2) There are some ducks near the lake.

3) There are some flowers in the garden.

4) There is some rice in the bowl.

5) There are no coins in my pocket.

6) There are some fresh apples in the basket.

7) There is a green dress in my wardrobe.

8) There is a new student in our classroom.

9) There are ten people on the bus.

10) There is a boy sitting in the tree.

11) There are lots of book in the classroom.

12) There is no one at home.

13) There are some pencils on the desk.

14) There is nothing to eat for dinner.

15) There are children in the classroom.

16) There are no fish in the lake.

17) There are children in the park.

18) There is one rubber in my pencil case.

19) There are three women in the shop.

20) There is a dog playing in my garden.

21) There is a cooker in my kitchen.

22) There are four chairs in the living room.

23) There are some biscuits on the table.

24) There are four men in the room.

25) There is a new film at the cinema.