Упражнение 2



1) We __AREN’T__ friends.

2) Tanya and Maxim __AREN’T__ doctors.

3) Margarita __ISN’T__ a nurse.

4) Green __ISN’T__ his favourite colour.

5) Anna __ISN’T__ from Spain.

6) The cats __AREN’T__ black.

7) They __AREN’T__ maths teachers.

8) A parrot __ISN’T__ a dangerous bird.

9) My telephone __ISN’T__ new.

10) The clothes __AREN’T__ old.

11) I __AM__ __NOT__ a pilot

12) Kseniya __ISN’T__ good at maths.

13) You __AREN’T__ an actor.

14) I __AM__ __NOT__ hungry.

15) The man __ISN’T__ from Russia.

16) The boy __ISN’T__ happy.

17) My friends and I __AREN’T__ at camp.

18) You __AREN’T__ on my team.

19) Christmas __ISN’T__ in the summer.

20) My mother __ISN’T__ at home now.

21) I __AM__ __NOT__ at school today.

22) A turtle __ISN’T__ bigger than a horse.

23) Apples __AREN’T__ vegetables.

24) My favourite toy __ISN’T__ a ball.

25) New York City and Miami __AREN’T__ in England.